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Latest Home Design Trends from the Premier Luxury Home Builders in the Twin Cities, MN

Home design trends are always evolving. Some speak to us more than others, but it’s always beneficial to stay updated to see all of the new, creative ways designers are utilizing color, texture, and special features. You never know which trends will call out to you while you’re planning on building your custom home in the Twin Cities, MN. The luxury home builders at L. Cramer are here to help update you on some of the latest home trends we’ve been seeing. Keep reading to see if any of these elements speak to you!


Dynamic Accent Walls

If you really want to make a statement in a room, bold accent walls can be the perfect dynamic element. Whether a solid paint color or patterned wallpaper, an accent wall can set your space apart or signify an important area of the room.


Hidden Appliances

 Clean and sleek is a timeless style, particularly for busy rooms such as the kitchen. More homeowners are investing in storage or hiding places for their appliances, so they aren’t out in the open. This helps your kitchen look less cluttered while still giving you easy access to everything you need. The same techniques can be used for televisions. Many people are concealing their televisions behind wall mounted mirrors, cabinets, and pictures, giving the room a cozier look without sacrificing entertainment.


Bold Colors 

 The pendulum is beginning to swing away from calm neutrals and towards bold colors. Whether an entire space is booming with color or it’s used strategically to make a statement, you can instantly breathe a certain energy into a space through color alone.


Luxury Master Closets

 Walk-in closets aren’t uncommon, but more and more luxury home owners are taking their master closets to the next level. Your specific needs and tastes will determine what you include in luxury closet, but elements such as lounge chairs, countertops, and glass display cases for accessories are commonly included.


Statement Ceilings  

We mentioned how accent walls can make a statement, but how about a ceiling? Utilizing different colors or a pattern for your ceiling can give a space a unique, complete look.


Home Theaters

 Home theaters are perfect for entertaining and can be enjoyed by the whole family. Home theaters can be highly customized, comfortable, and serve as a beautiful, yet functional entertainment area. You don’t have to stop at a home theater; you can also include a recreation space tailored to your interests.


Brick & Stone 

Natural elements such as brick and stone are being embraced as dynamic and versatile design elements. They are great for both interior and exterior spaces. There are plenty of functional and design savvy uses for brick.

Whatever your tastes, the luxury home builders at L. Cramer want to bring your Twin Cities, MN, dream home to life. We work with you through the entire design and build process to ensure your luxury home has the functional elements you need and the fun additions you want. You’ve collected pictures, paint colors, and fabric swatches; now it’s time to put them to use. Your vision combined with our expertise as luxury home builders results in a stunning home you will enjoy for years to come. Looking for more inspiration? Look through our portfolio to see what we’ve done for others. Ready to embark on your custom home building journey? Contact us at (952) 935-8482 to get started today.

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