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How to Select the Right Custom Home Builder for Your Twin Cities, MN Project

The time has come and you’re ready to begin your custom home building journey in the Twin Cities, MN. Choosing the right custom home builder is critical to your project going smoothly and achieving the dream home you desire. So how do you evaluate  and choose the right custom home builder?


Narrow your list to custom home builders in your desired area and price range.


Ask friends and colleagues for references, and if you are new to the area, contact the local Builders Association for a list of names. From here, you can interview custom home builder candidates.


Here are some potential questions:


  1. How long have you been in business?
  2. What sets you and your homes apart?
  3. How do you manage costs and adhere to my budget?
  4. How do you form the team for the project architecture and interior design? Do you work with an in-house team or outside collaborations? Do you subcontract the work?
  5. How are allowances and specifications determined?
  6. How are changes handled?
  7. Who will oversee my project and what can I expect for communications during construction?
  8. Explain your fee structure. Do you offer a fixed contract fee or a cost-plus fee structure? What are your views on the metric of cost per square foot?
  9. What is your warranty and customer service program?


Establish Quality


This may sound obvious, but it can be difficult to determine a builder’s quality of work, especially if you’re not experienced in home construction. Ask your builder candidates to explain what quality means to them. What materials do they include, what suppliers do they use, what specifications comprise the quality of their work?


Ask for References and a List of Addresses


What are others saying about the builder? Are they satisfied or are they finding issues in their home? Was construction a pleasant process? Obtain a list of addresses. Drive by. Walk through.


See the Builder’s Portfolio


Some builders have a style they specialize in and this will be evident in their portfolio. In custom home construction, however, each home may be a unique reflection of the owners. Explain your preferences and ideas and see if the builder listens well. A successful custom project hinges on the ability of the builder and the team to translate your dream into your home.

Does it feel like the right fit?


Your custom home builder is your partner in this journey. After you ask questions, see homes, and get answers—ask yourself, do you like these people? The custom-building process should be an exciting and enjoyable experience. To make it so, you need to be sure you like the team. In addition to doing all the evaluation homework, don’t forget to factor in this important element.


You’ve collected ideas, clippings, and color swatches, refining your vision over the years. Taking the plunge and finding a custom home builder can seem overwhelming, but with careful evaluation, you will find a builder and partner on your home journey.

L. Cramer Wants to be Your Custom Home Builder

The professional custom home builders at L. Cramer have a long tradition of quality home building in the Twin Cities, MN. The proof is in our work, longevity, and long list of satisfied clients. We pride ourselves on strong and consistent communication with our clients and an open book policy. Our experience in building a variety of unique homes means allows us to bring your vision, whatever it may be, to life.


If you’re ready to begin your custom home building journey, contact L. Cramer at (952) 935-8482 today.

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"Greg and his trusted team were a valuable resource throughout our building process. He was onsite everyday making sure all tasks were completed on time and completed correctly. He was very approachable and made any vision that my wife and I had come to life. Our building process would not have been as enjoyable as it was without Greg and his team."
- Chad Greenway
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